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DIY Door Decorating Projects

Decorating your front door can be a fun and easy DIY project that adds personality to your home's exterior. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  1. Paint: A fresh coat of paint in a bold color can instantly transform your front door. Consider a contrasting color to your home's exterior for a pop of interest. For a list of popular front door colors, click here.

  2. Wreath: Create a seasonal wreath using natural materials such as leaves, flowers, or branches, or opt for a more eclectic approach with found objects, such as vintage keys or paper flowers. LINK

  3. Planters: Add some greenery to your doorstep with a pair of matching planters filled with colorful flowers. You can make your own planters using terracotta pots and spray paint. Google has plenty of great DIY templates for building your own planters, here is one that we love! LINK

  4. Monogram: Create a custom monogram using adhesive vinyl lettering or stencils and paint. This adds a personal touch to your front door and is a great way to showcase your family's initials. For a great video on how to make a beautiful farm style monogram, click here.

  5. Decorative hardware: Upgrade your door's hardware with new knobs, hinges, and knockers for a quick and easy refresh. Choose something that complements your home's style and adds a touch of elegance. Amazon has plenty of great and affordable hardware options to fit any budget. LINK

  6. Mosaic: Create a mosaic design on your front door using small pieces of colored glass, tile, or stones. This is a more advanced DIY project but can result in a beautiful and unique design. LINK to a great DIY design!

No matter what approach you choose, your front door is an important part of your home's exterior and is the first thing guests see when they arrive. By adding a personal touch with these DIY decorating ideas, you can make a lasting impression and add curb appeal to your home.



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